Chassis Repairs

We use state of the art technology to ensure we offer our clients the mechanical measuring that speeds up the rate in which we get the car back to you and increase the quality of the car repair.

You might be asking, what is a chassis straightening system and why would I need it on my car? Well we get all sorts of vehicles requiring various types of repair. Some cars come in and only require panel beating or paintless dent repair, but in most cases of car accidents the structural integrity of your car will become misaligned. Due to this, only experienced and qualified tradespeople can use the electronic measuring and chassis straightening systems required to get your car back to its original intention.

With modern cars, precision within the structural of the car is integral, because even a couple of millimetres can make a difference of the drivability, steering and safety of the car. It could arguably the most important part of the repair, the repair to areas of the vehicle you don’t see. It makes a big difference and we don’t cut corners here at Paint and Custom.

Our machinery will ensure the frame of your car is restored back to its original shape and with laser technology we can make sure it is exact.

Our skilled tradespeople have extensive knowledge in the repair and maintenance of performance vehicles and therefore understand the importance of this technology. Precision is everything when it comes to modern vehicles and if it can effect the safety mechanisms of your vehicle then we take it very seriously. Safety is our biggest concern and the only way to ensure safety is with perfect results.

We’ve invested in the latest machine measuring systems to allow for easy, accurate and quick results to save you time and money.

We know you want what is best for your car, your safety and the safety of your family. That’s why so many people chose Paint and Custom for their repair needs. Take just one look at our workshop and you won’t take your car anywhere else.

Come in, take a look around, meet the team and see the technology we use to ensure your car is repaired to the standard you deserve.

Quality Products and Parts

We have a strong relationship with our current paint supplier, PPG, who we have worked with for well over 20 years. This ensures the continued support and quality of the products we are using and the latest advances for colour matching and blending.

The business is also a PPG Lifetime Guarantee Repair Shop and is authorised to provide the paint paint performance guarantee.

Our highly qualified team undergoes regular training to keep them at the leading edge of vehicle repairs and to ensure they only use the very best and current techniques when working on your treasured car.

Guaranteed Workmanship

With the support of a highly qualified work force and with a workshop fully equipped to keep up with the latest technological changes, we offer the latest repair systems. This ensures all major and minor repairs are completed to international and Australian Standards.

Spraytech currently operate with a staff of 4 full time panel beaters, 3 full time spray painters, one school-based trainee, one full time office worker and one full time detailer/parts distributor.

Spraytech Smash Repairs are an approved repairer for NRMA – IAG Group. We also make sure quality and standard checks are in place at every stage of the repair.

Our Technology

We use the latest technology to ensure the absolute best outcome for clients so as well as offering specialist services to completely restore and repair the body damage to your vehicle, our highly qualified team will also manage and coordinate any electrical or mechanical repairs your vehicle needs while it is with us.

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